We travel the world seeking out new ideas to bring to the consumers. Part of this process being the initial concept. Conceptualising new innovative products is carried out, hand in had with the team, staff and flavouring agents here at SFC. The initial ideas always have several factors to be considered, before any concepts is born. Look, flavour, texture, taste, nutrition and market. Some of the best ideas come from the most bizarre places and events. Making a dream a reality, is part of our philosophy for both our customers and clients.


We work very closely with several flavouring agents and develop our products along side them. Basing ideas, trends and concepts together, to create the best for our clients. Our team of award winning and famous chefs, pull together, to create brilliant dishes, taking into consideration trends, as well as taste, look and texture. Our aim is to take on board the best ideas and bring them to market, at a price to suit all. Making good food is our aim, our goal is to also make it a the best possible cost.


The design process starts with the initial idea for a product. But the design process can also start before the concept, which invariably happens. The initial design can lead to new concepts, as well as start the thought process for other ideas. Once you see the product at design stage,  it tends to come to life. Inspiring, provoking and leading to the final idea making the produce begin the journey of becoming a new SFC line.


Marketing is a key element to any new lines success or failure. At SFC we recognize this and work tirelessly with our team to look at market trends, competition, pricing structure and several other variants. Making any product a success, marketing is key. We provide detailed marketing reports with all our products, supporting both the retail and wholesale sides of the business. Giving our client the relevant information to make the correct choice for there stores and clients.


SFC have a very strong and expansive team of people dedicated to using all their years of knowledge, to use and provide our team with everything needed to help our clients maximise sales. Our key objectives are to maximise sales increase turn over and ultimately increase our clients market share and profitability. Our sales team provide all the elements needed to do this and are always happy to take and help where needed. Our 30years plus has enabled SFC to make your sales work to there maximum.


We have factories in several parts of the world providing several different elements for producing our products. From ready meals to snacking from fully cook to fully frozen our knowledge of product is the best and our procurement is second to no one. We pride ourselves on producing just what our clients are looking for and a product made to measure and tailored service to procure the product you are looking for for you.


All our factories are specialists in their areas of chicken production, from coatings to flavouring, from snacks to fresh, each one is able to offer a unique product. Our product standards are exceptionally high and our accreditation in all our factories to a high BRC standard. We produce for nearly all of the UK’s Supermarket chains and have done so for over 15 years Maintaining standards which are expected by all our clients.


Our logistics team make light work of making sure you get the product you want where you want at the time you need it. We work very closely with our factories and clients to achieve the smoothest  possible way to get our products to your cloldstore or our stores. No issue you may currently have will be considered a problem for our logistics team.


The whole team at SFC are here to make our products work, where ever this may be. Supporting the SFC brand to enhance its potential in every area is our objective within retail wholesale and food service, making SFC the successful brand it has become today. We aim to give you what you need to maximise your sales and our brand.